Volley Coaching Tips and Drills to Enhance Players’ Skills

By Coaching App

May 12, 2023

As a volleyball coach, your role is vital in helping players develop their skills and passion for the game. Whether it's bumping, spiking, serving, returning, volleying, setting, or fostering values like nutrition and sportsmanship, practice plays a crucial role. In this blog post, we will provide you with essential tips and effective drills to improve players' skills and cultivate a positive team environment.

1. Bumping Drills:

a) Mirror Bumping: Pair up players facing each other. One player initiates a bump, and the other mirrors their movements, ensuring proper technique and body positioning. This drill helps players improve their bumping accuracy and form.

b) Bump Circuit: Set up multiple stations where players practice bumping to different targets or teammates. Encourage players to focus on consistent technique, body control, and accuracy in their bumps.

2. Spiking Drills:

a) Approach and Attack: Teach players the proper approach technique, emphasizing the importance of timing and footwork. Use drills that involve hitting or spiking over a net or toward targets to simulate game situations.

b) Block and Spike: Incorporate drills that focus on coordinated blocking and spiking. Assign players to work in pairs, with one player blocking at the net while the other practices spiking against the block. This drill helps improve players' timing, decision-making, and communication.

3. Serving Drills:

a) Target Serving: Set up targets or specific zones on the court for players to aim their serves. Encourage players to practice different serving techniques such as float serves or topspin serves. Provide feedback on accuracy, speed, and consistency.

b) Serve and Receive: Divide players into teams and organize mini-games where serving teams try to serve accurately while receiving teams aim to pass the ball effectively. This drill enhances both serving and receiving skills while simulating game-like scenarios.

4. Returning Drills:

a) Ball Machine Challenge: Utilize a ball machine or partner to deliver rapid and varied shots to players, forcing them to react quickly and practice their return skills. Focus on footwork, positioning, and controlled returns.

b) Pass and Set: Have players work in pairs or small groups to practice receiving and immediately setting the ball to a designated target. This drill helps improve players' ball control, decision-making, and teamwork.

5. Volleying Drills:

a) Cooperative Volleying: Pair players up and have them volley the ball back and forth, gradually increasing the distance between them. Encourage players to focus on technique, timing, and control while maintaining a consistent volley rhythm.

b) Three-Person Volley: Create a triangle formation with three players and have them volley the ball in a continuous motion. This drill improves players' agility, coordination, and communication.

6. Setting Drills:

a) Accuracy Challenge: Set up targets or designated zones on the court for players to practice their setting accuracy. Encourage players to focus on consistency, technique, and precision in their sets.

b) Setter and Hitter Connection: Pair up setters and hitters to practice the connection between them. Encourage communication, timing, and understanding of each other's movements and preferences.

7. Nutrition and Sportsmanship:

a) Balanced Meals and Hydration: Educate players on the importance of maintaining a balanced diet with adequate carbohydrates, proteins, fruits, vegetables, and hydration for optimal performance and recovery.

b) Positive Team Culture: Foster a culture of sportsmanship by emphasizing respect, encouragement, and support among players. Celebrate both individual and team achievements while maintaining a positive attitude towards opponents.

8. Technology to Schedule & Book Practice

Using an online coaching app like CoachingApp.com is helpful to send out a practice schedule, book players to the practice with notifications and to also provide as a platform for additional video training.

By incorporating these tips and drills into your volleyball practices, you can enhance players' skills in bumping, spiking. 

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