Create recurring content subscriptions using tagged video, images, audio & documents available direct to your subscribers.

Subscription Features List

Create custom video subscriptions with renewals and expirations. Select video tags to include in each subscription. 

Create and sell access to your videos. Tag videos to create custom channels and make almost any type of subscription or fee structure you want. 

  • Create subscriptions
  • Upload & Tag Media Files
  • Set Tags Per File Type To Be Included In The Subscription
  • Include Video, Image, Audio & Documents in the subscription
  • Use Broad Or Exact Match For Tags to filter content in each subscription
  • Automatic Renewals
  • Set expiration dates
  • Post New Content for instant access to subscribers
  • Email & SMS Invitations
  • 1-Click Bookings

Types of Files available for use in subscriptions:







Subscription screenshots

Subscription Videos

How to Create a Subscription

This video details how to create & publish a subscription. Also review how to invite and book customers with one click to any subscription.

Tagging Content to Create a Subscription

Watch how easy it is to upload and tag content to create a custom content subscription. Continually post and tag into your asset library for your subscribers to get the latest content. Set "exact match" on the tags to filter and only display specific content per subscription.

How Subscriptions work

Step 1: Create a subscription type

Click the "create a subscription" button to list a title, description, add a promotional video and set the terms for renewal of the subscription, along with pricing. Add "tags" for each file type "video, image, audio & doc to choose what will be displayed in each subscription.

Step 2: Upload & Tag content

Upload video, image, audio and/or documents to add to a subscription. Give each media item a title, description and set tag(s). These tags are used to know what to display in a subscription to a subscriber.

Step 3: Share and Book Clients online

One-click send invitations to single customers or an entire list via email or SMS text message. Know the customer already wants to book? Click the "book customer" button and pick which customer(s) to instantly book. Fast, easy and powerful!

About Subscription bookings Software for coaches

Content subscriptions can be a useful tool for coaches looking to grow their business in a few different ways.

  1. Providing value: By offering a content subscription, coaches can provide ongoing value to their clients by delivering regular, high-quality content that helps them achieve their goals and make progress in their coaching journey. This can help build trust and loyalty with clients, leading to more repeat business and referrals.

  2. Generating revenue: Content subscriptions can also be a source of recurring revenue for coaches. This can help them build a more stable and predictable income stream, which can be especially useful for coaches who are just starting out and looking to grow their business.
  3. Building an email list: A content subscription can also be a great way to build an email list of potential clients. By offering a free trial or sample of the content, coaches can attract new leads and then use email marketing to nurture those leads and eventually convert them into paying clients.

There are many different ways coaches can use content subscriptions to grow their business, and it's important to experiment and find what works best for your specific coaching niche and target market.

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