Tennis Coaching App

Book tennis lessons, offer swing & serve video analysis, sell video content subscriptions, programs and more on a white labeled web app for tennis coaches.

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  • Time Slots (static & flexible)
  • Video Analysis & Messaging
  • Programs (day or step)
  • Subscriptions (content)
  • Packages (for credit bookings)
  • Product Store (sell items)
  • Bulk Email & SMS (marketing)
  • Asset Library (video, images, audio, docs, pdf, csv)
  • Invite & Booking Lists
  • Booking & Revenue Reporting
  • Customer Management
  • Manage Locations
  • Auto-Bookings (customers)
  • Embed code generator
  • Set Discounts for MVP users
  • and more...

This is how tennis coaches get booked.

Book individual or group lesson time slots. Offer video analysis services, video programs / series, video content subscriptions and sell products online. Get started with your own private labeled tennis coaching web app, powered by CoachingApp™.

Tennis lesson instructor working with student.

The Benefits of using an App for Lessons & Online Coaching

Tennis coaches can improve their lesson booking experience and book more student lessons with by utilizing the various features offered by the software. Here are a few ways coaches can leverage the different features to enhance their booking experience:

  1. Time Slot Bookings: allows coaches to set up their lesson schedules and make them available for booking by students. Coaches can define their availability, and students can book lessons at their convenience. This feature helps coaches save time and reduces the back and forth communication needed to schedule lessons manually.

  2. Video Analysis: The video analysis feature in allows coaches to record and analyze their student's gameplay. Coaches can give feedback and identify areas of improvement for their students, and this can be an excellent way to retain students and increase bookings.

  3. Content Subscriptions: Coaches can create subscriptions and offer instructional content to their students. This feature can help coaches attract more students as they can provide value beyond the typical one-on-one lesson.

  4. Step-Based Programs: Coaches can create structured, step-by-step programs for their students. These programs can be customized to meet individual student needs and goals. This feature can help coaches provide a more comprehensive coaching experience, leading to increased student retention and bookings.

  5. One on One Message Boards: offers a message board feature where coaches can communicate with their students in real-time. This feature can be beneficial for coaches to provide support, answer questions, and communicate updates with their students.

  6. Ecommerce Component: offers an eCommerce component that allows coaches to sell items like merchandise, training equipment, and instructional materials to their students. This feature can provide additional revenue streams for coaches and can also help them build their brand.

By utilizing these features, coaches can improve their lesson booking experience, provide more value to their students, and attract more students, leading to increased bookings. Additionally, provides coaches with tools to manage their business effectively, including payment processing, client management, and reporting. All these features combined make an excellent option for tennis coaches looking to streamline their business and improve their coaching experience.