Tennis Coaching Tips & Drills

By Coaching App

May 24, 2023

As a tennis coach, you hold the key to unlocking your players' potential and helping them excel on the court. To elevate their skills, it's essential to focus on running the court, serving, lobbing, forehand, backhand, top spin, footwork, nutrition, and sportsmanship.

In this blog post, we will provide you with valuable tips, effective drills, and highlight the benefits of using the Coaching App™ to enhance your coaching and take your players' tennis skills to new heights.

1. Running the Court and Footwork:

a) Side-to-Side Movement: Set up drills where players move laterally across the court, improving their agility, balance, and court coverage.

b) Baseline to Net Sprints: Incorporate sprinting exercises that simulate game situations, helping players react quickly and efficiently to various shots.

2. Serving and Lobbing Techniques:

a) Serve Practice with Targets: Use target markers on the service court to help players improve their accuracy and consistency when serving.

b) Lobbing Drills: Organize drills that focus on executing well-timed and precise lobs, allowing players to develop their lobbing skills and strategic shot placement.

3. Forehand and Backhand Strokes:

a) Shadow Swings: Have players practice their forehand and backhand strokes without a ball, focusing on proper form, body rotation, and follow-through.

b) Groundstroke Drills: Set up drills that involve hitting cross-court and down-the-line shots, improving shot placement, control, and consistency.

4. Top Spin and Shot Variation:

a) Top Spin Practice: Encourage players to incorporate more top spin into their shots, enabling them to generate more control and bounce.

b) Shot Variation Drills: Create drills that require players to execute a variety of shots, including slices, drop shots, and volleys, enhancing their shot selection and tactical awareness.

5. Footwork and Agility Drills:

a) Ladder Drills: Utilize agility ladders for footwork exercises such as quick steps, lateral movements, and crossover steps, enhancing players' speed and agility.

b) Cone Drills: Set up cone courses for players to navigate with quick changes of direction, improving their movement and court coverage.

6. Nutrition and Sportsmanship:

a) Balanced Diet: Educate players about the importance of maintaining a balanced diet with proper nutrition to fuel their performance and aid in recovery.

b) Sportsmanship: Foster a culture of sportsmanship, respect, and fair play by emphasizing good behavior, positive interactions with opponents, and respect for officials.

Benefits of Using Coaching Apps:

a) Streamlined Practice Scheduling: Utilize coaching apps to efficiently schedule practices, ensuring all players and staff are promptly notified of dates, times, and locations. This improves communication and minimizes scheduling conflicts.

b) Video Instruction: Coaching apps often offer video instruction features, allowing coaches to provide additional visual guidance, demonstrations, and personalized feedback. This resource enhances players' tennis skills outside of practice sessions, promoting continuous improvement.

In Conclusion

By incorporating these valuable tips, effective drills, and utilizing coaching apps, you can elevate your coaching impact and help your players reach their full tennis potential. Focus on running the court, serving, lobbing, forehand, backhand, top spin, footwork, nutrition, and sportsmanship.

Embrace the power of to streamline practice scheduling and provide additional video resources for further skill improvement. With dedication, practice, and effective coaching, your players will thrive on the tennis court and develop a lifelong love for the game.

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