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Review & mark-up client videos, images & audio. Post replies & mark complete when done.

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Offer individual video instruction & interactive feedback with video analysis slots. Review video, chat, markup and post replies to customer videos. 

The future of online lessons is here with CoachingApp™. Upload videos to your private labeled coaching app to use it in reply to customer video analysis  slots. Customers buy a video slot and upload their video for review. Chat with customers and post a custom or existing library video in response. Pros can also create customized video libraries and sell subscription access to customers directly through your personalized web app.

  • Create Video Slot Analysis Event Types
  • Customers Purchase & Post File(S) For Review
  • Control Playback Speed
  • Markup / Draw On Video Or Image Files
  •  Reply In Chat Messenger With Customer
  • Post Video, Image, Audio Or Document File From Your Library
  • Upload A Custom Video
  • Mark Complete When Done
  • Set Discounts for MVP users
  • and more...

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Video Analysis Videos

Learn about the video analysis slots where you customers can purchase a video slot, upload their video for you to review and message with you while reviewing your feedback. Get coaching online with video analysis and fill in the gaps of your time with this great revenue producing feature.

About Video analysis bookings for coaches

Why online video analysis coaching software is a must for coaches that want to grow their business

Online video analysis coaching software can be a valuable tool for coaches looking to grow their business for several reasons.

First, it allows coaches to analyze and review video footage of their athletes remotely, rather than having to be physically present with the athletes at all times. This can be especially useful for coaches who work with athletes who are located in different regions or countries, as it allows them to provide guidance and feedback to their athletes without having to travel.

Second, online video analysis software typically includes features such as slow motion, frame-by-frame playback, and the ability to draw on the video or add annotations, which can be helpful for highlighting specific techniques or areas for improvement.

Third, using online video analysis software can save time and effort for coaches, as it allows them to review and analyze footage more quickly and efficiently than if they were doing so manually.

Finally, online video analysis software can be a useful marketing tool for coaches, as it can help them demonstrate their expertise and knowledge to potential clients and partners. By showing athletes and other coaches how they use video analysis to improve performance, coaches can establish themselves as trusted and respected resources in their field.

Do customers want to get coached online?

The demand for online coaching has increased in recent years, as it can be more convenient and flexible for many athletes and clients. Online coaching can be especially appealing for those who have busy schedules or limited access to in-person coaching resources.

Online coaching can also be more cost-effective for some athletes, as it can eliminate the need for travel and accommodation expenses. Additionally, online coaching allows athletes to access a wider range of coaches and resources, as they are not limited to those who are located in their immediate area.

However, it's important to note that online coaching may not be suitable for everyone. Some athletes may prefer the personal interaction and immediate feedback of in-person coaching, and may feel that they get more out of their training sessions when working with a coach face-to-face.

Ultimately, whether or not customers want to get coached online will depend on their individual needs and preferences. Some may find online coaching to be an effective and convenient option, while others may prefer in-person coaching.

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