PRoduct Store


Create products, set inventory & manage customer orders with the products feature on Coaching App™.

Products Feature List

  • Create products
  • Set inventory
  • Post items for sale
  • Send customer messages
  • Manage orders
  • Mark "complete" when order is processed

Product Store screenshots

Product store Videos

How to create a product

Discover how to create a package, pick the items included and set max credit usage for each (optional). Then set the terms of the package including cost, expiration and renewal. 

How to post items for sale

Choose a product, set the inventory and post for sale. Next, share with customers or book customers direct to a product and manage payments all online with your own private labaled Coaching App™ product store.

How to manage orders

In this video you will learn how to manage customer orders, send message, post updates and mark as complete when the order is shipped.

How Products work

Step 1: Create product types

Click the "create package type" button, add a title, description, price, # of credits to offer and a few other settings. This format provides an extremely flexible structure that can be used for most any type of coaching package.

Step 2: Set product inventory & post for sale

Pick and choose any type of item to include in the package and set credit usage limits on each, or leave the usage open to be used as desired. Time slots, video analysis, programs, products and subscriptions can all be made eligible by the pro for purchase with package credits.

Step 3: Manage payments & customer orders

One-click send invitations to single customers or an entire list via email or SMS text message. Know the customer already wants to book? Click the "book customer" button and pick which customer(s) to instantly book for the package. Fast, easy and powerful!

About Selling Products

There are a few potential reasons why coaches might choose to sell products to their clients:

  1. As a way to supplement their income: Depending on the type of coaching they offer, coaches may find that selling products can be a good way to supplement their income. This can be especially true if the products are related to the coaching they provide, as they may be able to sell them to their clients as part of a coaching package or as additional resources to help their clients achieve their goals.

  2. To provide additional value to clients: Coaches may also sell products to their clients as a way to provide additional value and support. For example, a fitness coach might sell workout plans or nutrition guides to help clients better understand how to achieve their fitness goals.

  3. To help clients achieve their goals: In some cases, coaches may find that certain products can be very helpful in helping their clients achieve their goals. For example, a life coach might recommend books or other resources that can help clients overcome challenges or achieve their goals more effectively.

Overall, the decision to sell products to clients is ultimately up to the coach and should be based on what they feel is best for their business and their clients.

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