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About CoachingApp.com

Why we built Coaching App™

This software was built so that coaches can put away their phone during lessons and allows coaches to expand their product offerings through online coaching and recurring subscriptions. Built to be fast and easy while running on any web browser (Google Chrome and Safari preferred).

  1. 1
    Streamline the booking process.
  2. 2
    Give coaches tools to take their coaching online.
  3. 3
    Create new revenue sources.

Giving Back to the Coaching Community

At CoachingApp.com we know the foundation of coaching starts with athletes at a young age. This is why we choose to support youth sports through team sponsorships and other supportive ways that help coaches and facilities.

Actual Coaching App Reviews

Core Speed Orlando

This is the perfect app to sell my class packages and it is so easy for my clients to check availability and book.

Pitching Coach

You guys are awesome, thank you. The Coaching App saves me tons of time and money.

Tennis Coach

I offer individual and group tennis lessons using the coaching app. I can send out text and email messages to all of my clients to update them of my new schedule. I also find the video analysis feature helpful in helping students in between lessons when they need a quick reminder or tweak on their swing. Definitely recommend the app!

Business Coaching & Motivational Speaker

With Coaching App I am able to offer my clients ongoing training after a seminar. Clients are able to watch my presentations online and also send personalized messages which I can respond to with custom videos or attach a specific video I already have in my library.

Real Estate Programs

I offer a sequence of online real estate training videos that also include worksheets and my podcast. With Coaching App I am to create custom programs for any number of steps and combination of videos which helps me to create content specific to each of my student types.

Yoga Classes

My students are able to buy a class package and book with credits online. With online payments and automatic renewals, it helps to retain clients and creates less work to manage it all.

Strength Training

I use Coaching App to book group classes at multiple locations and also use the programs feature to offer students multi-day training programs they can take online.

Youth Soccer

Organizing practices, games and lessons with the parents has become much easier and keeps me from having to answer the phone in the middle of lessons.

Basketball Lessons

I can now continue to reinforce good practice habits and drills with my students using the subscriptions feature. Each time I upload a new video, all of my students can instantly access it and get to work.

Baseball Coach

Coaching App helps me to organize practices, group lessons and individual lessons. The locations feature makes it easy to designate fields or batting cages to meet.

Golf Coach

Providing online video analysis to my students has become better organized and profitable with the video slots feature.

Andre Speed Coach
Bobby Baseball Coach
Alex Tennis Instructor
Michael Executive Business Coach
Samantha Real Estate Coach
Stephanie Yoga Instructor
Rick Strength & Conditioning Coach
Sebastian Soccer Coach
Ron Basketball Skills Coach
Myles Baseball Coach
Tim Golf Instructor

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