Mix & Match items types to create a custom packages. Set the amount of credits customers can use for bookings, with expiration & automatic renewal options.

Package Features List

  • Customers Can Use Package Credits For Bookings & Purchases
  • Set The Items Types Per Package
  • Set Max Credits Per Item Type
  • Set Expirations & Renewals
  • Perfect For "Class Pass" type of Packages
  • Great Way To Offer Customers Savings When Buying A "Package"

PAckage screenshots

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How to create a package

Discover how to create a package, pick the items included and set max credit usage for each (optional). Then set the terms of the package including cost, expiration and renewal. 

How to pick items for the package and set limitations

Selecting items to be included in a package is easy. Once selected you can allow customers to use credits however they want on items or you can set maximum amounts of credits to be used on each item type. This way you can mix in higher and lower priced items without the customer only using credits for high priced items.

How Packages work

Step 1: Create the package general information

Click the "create package type" button, add a title, description, price, # of credits to offer and a few other settings. This format provides an extremely flexible structure that can be used for most any type of coaching package.

Step 2: Select the items to include in the package

Pick and choose any type of item to include in the package and set credit usage limits on each, or leave the usage open to be used as desired. Time slots, video analysis, programs, products and subscriptions can all be made eligible by the pro for purchase with package credits.

Step 3: Share and Book Clients online

One-click send invitations to single customers or an entire list via email or SMS text message. Know the customer already wants to book? Click the "book customer" button and pick which customer(s) to instantly book for the package. Fast, easy and powerful!

About Using Packages to Book on a coaching app

Why coaches offer packages:

  1. To provide a structured and comprehensive coaching program that addresses the needs of the customer. Packages often include a set number of sessions, resources, and other support materials.
  2. To create a sense of commitment and accountability for the customer. Packages typically require payment upfront, which can help motivate the customer to follow through on the coaching program.
  3. To streamline the coaching process for both the coach and the customer. Packages can help coaches plan and deliver their services in a more efficient manner, while also providing customers with a clear roadmap for their coaching journey.
  4. To generate revenue for the coach. Coaching packages can be an effective way for coaches to monetize their services and sustain their business.

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