Private Labeled

App Features

The app represents your business and brand. With fully integrated branding across all aspects of the app.

Private Label (PL) Features

  • App Business Name (ex: Joe's Coaching)
  • Pro's Domain Name (ex:
  • Logo
  • Primary Colors
  • Font Selection
  • Customized email sending address for automated emails (ex:
  • and other branding opportunities.

Example branded app Screenshots

Private LAbel OVerview Videos

What does it mean to be "private labeled"?

In this video we describe what it means to have a "private labeled" web app. The phrase "private labeled" means the software is customized to each business to create a branded customer experience.  The app uses your logo, colors, domain name and more. 

Customers will view & feel the app as part of your brand and not realize it is operating on the Coaching App software platform. Get booked & build your brand, starting at $20 per month.

What areas are included in the private labeled app and what is required to complete the build?

We try and customize all areas possible within the app and email. This includes color selections, font selections, logo usage, built on the pro's domain name, emails sent from the customers domain plus noreply  and more. 

Example Private Labeled Web Apps powered by Coaching App™

Coaching App™ is used by a variety of coaches. Some examples include a baseball facility, tennis facility with coaches, pitching coaches and training facilities offering camps & classes. 


how does the build process work?

Step 1:  Notify us of the intended app branding details

Submit the "app build form" that includes the app name, logo, colors, email address for notifications, contact name, contact number and select the domain name (typically a subdomain using your current website domain.  For example, may be the general information site by "Coach Joe" and he would like the app built at; or a completely new domain like 

Step 2:  Domain Name Setting & Application deployment

We will guide you through this 5 - 10 minute process of adding a record to the domain name settings DNS of the selected domain. Typically we add an A name record using the ip address of your server. It is quick, easy and allows us to start rolling out your custom build.

Step 3:  App Testing & Launch

One the application is built and running, we will test the app and verify all branding is updated. Next the pro reviews the app and upon approval is launched. Post-launch you will be guided through the app and training on the features. Get booked!

Why use a private labeled software 

There are several ways that a coach can use a private labeled coaching app for their business:

  1. All software development and management is done by someone else, saving your $1,000's by not having to build your own coaching app. Instead, get the same branding power as your own app with a small monthly fee.
  2. Provide personalized coaching: A private labeled coaching app can be used to provide personalized coaching to clients. The app can be customized to include the coach's branding and content, and clients can access their coaching sessions and resources through the app.
  3. Offer on-demand coaching: A private labeled coaching app can be used to offer on-demand coaching to clients. This can be especially helpful for coaches who work with clients in different time zones or who have busy schedules.
  4. Deliver coaching content: A private labeled coaching app can be used to deliver coaching content to clients, such as videos, podcasts, and articles. This can help coaches provide a more comprehensive coaching experience to their clients.
  5. Monitor progress: A private labeled coaching app can be used to track a client's progress and provide feedback. For example, a coach may be able to track a client's exercise routine or monitor their progress on specific goals.
  6. Offer additional resources: A private labeled coaching app can be used to offer additional resources to clients, such as exercises, worksheets, and templates. This can help coaches provide their clients with the tools and support they need to succeed.

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